My Exciting New Adventure: Why I Chose

Published On: November 21, 2023Categories: Blog

I can’t believe a year has passed since I left Bugcrowd. Time flew by, and I engaged in activities that even make me envious of my past year:

  • Experienced the best ski season, traveling to many countries and skiing over 65 days on runs I had no business being on, let alone enjoying without abandon. I’m looking forward to another record snow year—praying for El Niño to drop some powder in Tahoe.
  • Co-founded a life sciences company focused on proactively interpreting genomic and multi-omic information to manage hereditary diseases. It is amazing how much overlap there is in cybersecurity and healthcare analytics—think scanners meet SIEMs. We take genomic data, create lineage and variant analyses, and apply LLMs to give contextual insights to doctors based on their patient’s genomic, phenomic, and hereditary information. Did you know that nearly half of US healthcare costs come from 7400 clinically recognized genetic diseases? Globally, 350M people have known genetic disorders, and far more struggle with common hereditary diseases.
  • Worked with my dad on his charity programs in India. He is an inspiration! Also, I refilled the “chips” at home by being available after 25 years of ignoring the garage, backyard, closets, and … the timing was perfect for reconnecting with my family!

My Next Chapter: Leading Into the Future

Now, it’s time to return to operating a company. The past year has given me great perspectives—some through self-reflection, a lot through great professional and personal friends, and many from the gift of time.

I realized that my next adventure had to have three characteristics:

  • A strong culture, people, and alignment around a meaningful problem.
  • A large untapped market where the company’s technology is solving a real business problem, and where the customer is assigning a budget to solve the problem.
  • The opportunity to add value in an area I’m passionate about: enterprise infrastructure with a strong focus on data and security. exudes all these characteristics, and I am honored to be named their CEO and President.

Strong Culture, People, and Alignment Around a Meaningful Problem

People and culture played a key role in the success of my previous companies: they make the journey enjoyable and the impact measurable. So, I looked for a company with a purpose-driven culture, free from political distractions, where people unite to solve an important problem. is such a company with a meaningful mission and a team that has high integrity, intelligence and passion. Our team is dedicated to collectively solving critical data privacy, governance, and security challenges. There is a beautiful sense of belonging within the group which promotes trust, empathy and collaboration between departments. This is reflected in the team’s passion for ensuring customer success in everything they do with our platform. It’s personally motivating for me and incredibly humbling at the same time.

Large Untapped Market with Great Product-Market Fit

The next crucial element was the product’s suitability for the market’s demands. I have always been a product person, even from my early days at Hewlett-Packard. Today’s top business priorities are digital transformation, cyber security, and responsible AI/GenAI, and is well positioned at their intersection. Our proven data lifecycle management platform provides contextual intelligence to protect sensitive data, strengthen security posture, and create a federated governance approach.’s technology is trusted by some of the largest Fortune 100 companies worldwide—a testament to its potential to become a market leader. With its differentiated architectural approach and supervised AI, our platform skillfully addresses important data privacy, governance, and security concerns with industry-leading performance, scale, and accuracy metrics—as recently confirmed by the independent test lab, Tolly.

The Opportunity to Add Value in an Area I’m Passionate About

All the building blocks are at and I am fortunate that the board and management team chose me to lead the company. We have achieved 100% year-over-year growth since the product was released, and we expect the same in the coming years. To balance short-term results with our long-term future, I will focus on the following three pillars to keep the entire company focused:

  1. Establish a well-defined “core” driven by our product capabilities, customer segments, and company purpose.
  2. Maximize the value we deliver to our customers and partners and create an environment that enables our team to maximize their potential.
  3. Create the proper guardrails and standards to guide our execution.

Pillars 1 and 2 will drive our competitive differentiation, while Pillar 3 will keep the company on track so individual leaders know how to make decisions to enable Pillars 1 and 2.  


The Next 3 Months and 3 Focal Areas

  1. Customer-first approach: serves some of the biggest global brands in the Fortune 100. For customers I have had the privilege to work with in my past companies, please contact me. I plan to reach out to all our customers, listen to their needs, and identify areas where we can do more. If you have not yet become our customer, we promise to work hard to earn your confidence.
  2. Grow with our Partners: has built the best data intelligence and orchestration platform for Data Asset Lifecycle Management, Privacy, Compliance, Governance, and Security. We are honored to have excellent partners. In the coming weeks, I will reach out to each of you to understand how we can further our relationship and increase our impact in the market together.
  3. Learn from Our People: has an incredible team, and I look forward to meeting everyone and working with you to scale our company. I know we have teammates in conflict zones—we are here for you. Let’s work together to exceed our customers’ expectations, make our partners successful, and establish a great workplace!