Secure Customer Data Sharing with Third Parties Using

Quickest way to discover and classify all sensitive data

Privacy regulations require your company to report on which third parties have received personal data from your policy holder databases. helps you manage this process, and ensure that you are only sharing the data you are supposed to.

Constant Visibility
The business needs to know not only with whom you are sharing data, but also what type of data are you sharing.’s Inventa builds the map and gives you visibility over which data is being shared with whom.

Constant Data in Motion
Analysis of data in motion ensures that you have 100% visibility over the data that you actually share with third parties, ensuring that you can meet your contractual obligations.

Should there be an attempt to share additional data out of the scope of the agreement, will alert you in near real-time enabling you to remediate before it is too late

Largest ransomware payout
by an insurance provider


Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers operate in a landscape governed by rigorous security and governance mandates set forth by both state and federal laws. These requirements are essential for safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring the well-being of member information.

Cybercrimes are becoming more and more rampant in this age where data is being generated at an exponential rate. Cyber insurance is a specialized insurance product designed to help businesses mitigate the potentially devastating effects of cybercrimes, including data breaches.

Drastically improve your data visibility &
security posture with Sensitive Data Intelligence

Unlock Full Data Visibility with Contextual AI

Doubtful that AI can handle the unique complexities of your data? Our Contextual AI is engineered to navigate and classify data with an understanding of your insurance industry specific challenges, ensuring comprehensive discovery without false positives or oversight.

Quick Integration, Immediate Insights

Worried about lengthy integration processes delaying the benefits of data discovery? Our platform ensures rapid integration and immediate insights, allowing you to see the results of our data discovery and classification technology quickly. This accelerated feedback loop means you can act on data intelligence faster, optimizing your operational efficiency and decision-making process right from the start.

Risk Reduction with Precision Data Mapping

While the idea of reducing your attack surface is compelling, you might worry about missing critical data points or the effort required to maintain such a system. Our platform automates the discovery process with minimal oversight, ensuring no sensitive data slips through the cracks while freeing up your resources for other critical tasks.

Enrich SIEM/SOAR with Deep Data Insights and Extend DLP Capabilities

Integrating additional data into your SIEM/SOAR might seem overwhelming, potentially leading to alert fatigue. Our solution counters this by providing only pertinent information, streamlining your security operations without cluttering them with irrelevant data. Similarly, expanding your DLP system’s reach is made effortless with our platform, ensuring comprehensive coverage without system overloads or integration complexities.

Reveal your data map

Inventa enables insurance companies to:

  • Manage security risk with data governance effectively
  • Accomplish dynamic data discovery and catalog with real-time and accurate information
  • Save on administrative costs required for manual processing
  • Obtain a comprehensive report on third-party sharing
  • Ensure sustainable compliance with CCPA, GDPR, PCI, and more

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