Al-Informed Security
and Compliance for
Hospitality and Travel

Master data compliance with
continuous data discovery

Quickest way to discover and classify all sensitive data

We discover and classify data in all major platforms so you can prioritize security controls

Drastically improve your data visibility &
security posture with Sensitive Data Intelligence

Unlock Full Data Visibility with Contextual AI

Doubtful that AI can handle the unique complexities of your data? Our Contextual AI is engineered to navigate and classify data with an understanding of hospitality industry specific challenges, ensuring comprehensive discovery without false positives or oversight.

Quick Integration, Immediate Insights

Worried about lengthy integration processes delaying the benefits of data discovery? Our platform ensures rapid integration and immediate insights, allowing you to see the results of our data discovery and classification technology quickly. This accelerated feedback loop means you can act on data intelligence faster, optimizing your decision-making process that will benefit your customers’ interests.

Risk Reduction with Precision Data Mapping

While the idea of reducing your attack surface is compelling, you might worry about missing critical data points or the effort required to maintain such a system. Our platform automates the discovery process with minimal oversight, ensuring no sensitive data slips through the cracks while freeing up your resources for other critical tasks and client-facing activities.

Enrich SIEM/SOAR with Deep Data Insights and Extend DLP Capabilities

Integrating additional data into your SIEM/SOAR might seem overwhelming, potentially leading to alert fatigue. Our solution counters this by providing only pertinent information, streamlining your security operations without cluttering them with irrelevant data. Similarly, expanding your DLP system’s reach is made effortless with our platform, ensuring comprehensive coverage without system overloads or integration complexities.

Customer Use Case

Reveal your data map

Unlock expert strategies with our “Exclusive CISO Playbook Series” for travel and hospitality security professionals. Dive into proven data security tactics from industry veteran Stan Kreydin to protect sensitive customer data against relentless threats. This series covers navigating cyber threats, building a robust security infrastructure, managing third-party risks, and adopting risk-based strategies. Gain confidence with Stan’s battle-tested frameworks and conquer your biggest threats. Download Playbooks Now

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