1touch.io Mainframe Security
Posture Management

Achieve Total Visibility and Control
Over Your Mainframe Data

Built for the Mainframe

Mainframes host 68% of the world’s data, making them critical for enterprise operations. Efficient data discovery and classification ensure that sensitive data is properly managed, secured, and compliant with regulations. Unlocking this data’s potential can drive significant business value and operational efficiency.

Mainframe Data Management Redefined

1touch.io Mainframe Security Posture Management (MSPM) is designed to modernize mainframe data management. Leveraging Contextual AI, MSPM delivers unmatched visibility and accuracy in data discovery and classification, transforming how enterprises manage and protect their most critical data assets. MSPM is purpose built to handle the unique demands of mainframe systems, including VSAM and Db2 on Z, as well as IBM IMS and flat files.

Total Visibility Across Hybrid Environments 

Integrate mainframe data with all enterprise data – structured, unstructured, in motion, at rest, in the cloud and on-premises. MSPM ensures consistent security and compliance.

Enhanced Security and Governance

Posture Visibility: Gain insights into the encryption status and access controls of your mainframe datasets, ensuring they are protected and compliant.

Access Intelligence: Monitor which entities can access your sensitive data, providing detailed CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations visibility.

Dynamic Compliance and Governance

Contextual Compliance: Integrate mainframe data into your broader compliance framework, ensuring all data is governed according to organizational policies.

Automated Governance: Unlock the power of your mainframe data by automating data labeling for your evolving data landscape

Discover More: Whitepaper on Mainframe Data Management

Unlock the full potential of your mainframe data with our comprehensive whitepaper. Learn how 1touch.io’s Contextual-AI technology redefines data discovery and classification for mainframes.


Why Download This Whitepaper?

  • Critical Insights: Understand the importance of data discovery and classification.
  • Best Practices: Implement effective strategies for data management.
  • Real-World Examples: See the impact of our solutions through case studies.