Automatically discover, classify, and catalog sensitive personal data on your network.





Partial visibility into your data is putting your organization at risk​

Total Amount of GDPR Fines to Date: 234,168,578 Euros uses a unique network analytics approach, powerful ML and AI techniques together with unprecedented data lineage accuracy to continuously discover and catalog all your sensitive and protected data into a PII Inventory and a Master Data Catalog.
We automatically discover and analyze all usage of data and its lineage without relying upon the organization’s knowledge of the existence or location of the data. Adding a multilayer machine learning analytic engine gives us the ability to “read and understand” the data and link all the pieces into a full picture represented as both a PII inventory and a Master Catalog.

To achieve and maintain compliance with the latest privacy regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA and LGPD, an effective privacy technology requires three core elements:


Big organizations utilize big data, and with so much data moving across all levels of the organization, it isn’t easy to know where the organization stores their sensitive data. It is particularly challenging because sensitive data can appear in multiple forms and formats, whether WORD documents, email messages, images, responses in customer requests, etc., and different locations within an organization.

The challenge is that many discovery tools in the market today rely on the organization’s input to direct their discovery scope. They often miss sensitive data located in places in the organization people and also provide increased false-positives.
Inventa™, AI-based sustainable data discovery and classification platform, provides automated, near real-time discovery, mapping, and tracking of all sensitive data at the enterprise scale. The platform assumes a zero-trust approach to data discovery and does not rely on input from organizational players.

The solution automatically detects and classifies massive volumes of sensitive data from different repositories and services cross the enterprise,  automatically discovering relevant records without any manual effort.


The system can now be modified by non-database scientists without a need for professional services reducing effort across multiple departments.


If and when discovery is required for new data types or regulatory demands, the system requires minimal or no user input to learn and apply the new parameters to the discovery process conducting sustainable discovery with greater accuracy.

With Inventa’s Supervised AI solution, the platform easily creates and maintains a Customer Master Catalog for Privacy, Security, and Data Governance use-cases. Additionally, with the help of Business Intelligence (BI) tools, enterprises can now discover customer uses of their services and offer new value-added services. Besides, users can now easily define new data lineage between different elements and maintain an up-to-date inventory for the enterprise as Inventa’s Master Catalog.
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