Businesses are collecting and generating more sensitive data than ever before, but they must strike the right balance between usability and security.

Identifying and analyzing that data is critical to business success. Securing personally identifiable information (PII) from data breaches is just as critical, to ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce risk of impact to business operations and reputational damage. That’s why data protection – “the process of securing digital information without limiting the organization’s ability to use this data for business purposes or compromising consumer and end-user privacy,” has become as important as the collection of the data itself.

As a business you have choices where in the stack to employ data protection, and how to protect it, through controls like encryption, tokenization, monitoring, and the like. The more granular you are in that protection, the stronger that protection is. The problem is – you can only protect the data you know about. And that’s where Inventa comes in.

How We Help Inventa is the premier solution for data discovery and data classification of sensitive data at scale.

Inventa brings quantitative data context to data protection, while reducing dependence on time-intensive, error-prone manual input from the business to identify where PII resides.

Inventa captures PII on the network and identifies repositories for scanning, scans candidate repositories for a detailed understanding of the PII contained, and then classifies and consolidates the PII for a unified view and related copies wherever they exist across the enterprise. continuously monitors the network for PII and describes

With Inventa as a component of your data protection program, you get:

  • Full, fast and continuous visibility into sensitive personal data across the enterprise
  • Data protection controls applied appropriately based on sensitive data context
  • Notification when sensitive data falls outside of policy
  • Reduction in the attack surface through removal of unnecessary copies of PII
  • More independence from business owners for sensitive data discovery and


Advanced Techniques

Inventa uses AI/ML with Regex, Keywords, Dictionaries and Functions to accurately and automatically discover and classify sensitive data

Supervised AI Wizard

Supervised AI module enables non-data scientists to easily train the system to the organization’s specific data types and connect it back to individuals

Root Data Asset

Inventa uses a “root data asset” or reference data by which sensitive data is compared against as a training system to reduce false positive and negatives


Any Data, Anywhere

Hybrid, multi-cloud support for structured, unstructured or semi-structured data

Billions of Records

Scanned with Kubernetes-based architecture scalable to any size environment

33% More

Previously unknown data found at customer sites and discovered by Inventa


98% Accuracy

Achieved at Fortune 15 healthcare company in a competitive situation

4 FTEs

Freed up at Fortune 500 with Inventa’s automated discovery & classification

5 Minutes

Is the amount of time it takes to create a DSAR report, versus 45 days

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Inventa by the Numbers


faster time-to-value than competition


false positive reduction


false negative reduction


budget savings

Learn More Inventa uses a proprietary passive network packet capture process to assist in discovering sensitive data throughout the organizational network.

This helps Inventa to identify repositories (DBs, applications, file systems, log files, etc.) where sensitive data resides and scan them to get full visibility into the depth and breadth of the data