28th September 2018
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Do You Know Where Your Personal Data is? – Peter Saridakis

The biggest problem facing security and privacy professionals today, is identifying where personal data is being held and processed.  In other words, Automated Real-time Discovery, Mapping & […]
14th February 2018
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Discovery. Discovery. Discovery. The Rest is Salad Dressing- Zak Rubinstein

As estate agents go, it’s all about location, location, location. So we are a couple of months away from GDPR and it’s interesting to note the […]
14th February 2018
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Privacy Shield Does NOT Equal GDPR Compliance – David Froud

Once again, I will begin this blog with the caveat that I am NOT a privacy expert. However, even a single reading, some brief research, and […]
13th February 2018
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Returning Control of Our Personal Data – Hurrah for GDPR – Zak Rubinstein

Things have got to change. Back in 2014, when I knew how to snag an upgrade from my local enterprise, I would get the most phenomenal […]