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The healthcare sector is one of the most highly-regulated industries in existence. The high value of a patient’s medical records to cybercriminals and the sensitive and personal data it stores, makes it imperative that the healthcare providers to whom this data is entrusted correctly protect and secure it against unauthorized access.

In the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, insurance providers are at the forefront, managing both immense financial obligations and sensitive health data. These entities, encompassing both commercial insurers and government programs like Medicare and Medicaid, play a pivotal role in healthcare financing.

Data has transformed healthcare. Hospitals and medical facilities use collected patient PI and PII in myriad ways. As the healthcare and insurance sector continues to offer life-critical services while working to improve treatment and patient care with new technologies, criminals and cyber threat actors look to exploit the vulnerabilities that are coupled with the evolving healthcare model.

While this has improved the quality of care, it has also given cybercriminals the opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities. Patient data and other confidential information is under attack; the voluminous amounts of health-related PI in healthcare databases is incredibly valuable to cybercriminals. And with the need to adhere to more privacy regulations than ever, healthcare providers must ensure the data they hold is protected and continuously discovered, mapped, and categorized accurately.

The number of patients who had their medical records breached in 2019, three times the number of incidents in 2018.


Drastically improve your data visibility &
security posture with Sensitive Data Intelligence

Unlock Full Data Visibility with Contextual AI

Doubtful that AI can handle the unique complexities of your data? Our Contextual AI is engineered to navigate and classify data with an understanding of healthcare industry specific challenges, ensuring comprehensive discovery without false positives or oversight.

Quick Integration, Immediate Insights

Worried about lengthy integration processes delaying the benefits of data discovery? Our platform ensures rapid integration and immediate insights, allowing you to see the results of our data discovery and classification technology quickly. This accelerated feedback loop means you can act on data intelligence faster, optimizing your operational efficiency and decision-making process right from the start.

Risk Reduction with Precision Data Mapping

While the idea of reducing your attack surface is compelling, you might worry about missing critical data points or the effort required to maintain such a system. Our platform automates the discovery process with minimal oversight, ensuring no sensitive data slips through the cracks while freeing up your resources for other critical tasks.

Enrich SIEM/SOAR with Deep Data Insights and Extend DLP Capabilities

Integrating additional data into your SIEM/SOAR might seem overwhelming, potentially leading to alert fatigue. Our solution counters this by providing only pertinent information, streamlining your security operations without cluttering them with irrelevant data. Similarly, expanding your DLP system’s reach is made effortless with our platform, ensuring comprehensive coverage without system overloads or integration complexities.

Reveal your data map

With Inventa, healthcare providers can get:

  • Dynamic and sustainable data discovery and cataloging, providing real-time and accurate information
  • Savings on administrative costs required for manual processing
  • Compliance with CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, and more
  • Lower security risk with effective data governance

The landscape of healthcare finance is transforming. It’s about more than just survival; it’s about leading the way. Secure your copy of the white paper today and ensure your organization leads in operational resilience, unwavering compliance, and innovative breakthroughs.

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