1touch.io and IBM Security Sign OEM Agreement

1touch.io Inventa, the leading sensitive data discovery and classification solution, to be offered as IBM Security Discover and Classify.

Data Aware Security and Privacy

1touch.io Inventa is the ONLY Sustainable Data Discovery Solution for Privacy, Security, and Data Governance

  • Zero-trust, sustainable, network-based approach to discovery and mapping of “unknown unknown” sensitive data assets
  • Automated data subject aggregation, cataloging, and data lineage of sensitive personal data
  • Sensitive data discovery and classification in structured and unstructured data sources across data at rest and data in motion with unparalleled accuracy

1touch.io Inventa Benefits

Automated Continuous Discovery of Sensitive Data

  • Near real-time updates ensure data catalog is always up to date
  • Higher Accuracy, and Low False Positives
  • Remove unnecessary personal data copies to reduce attack surfaces

Business Context for Security, Privacy, and GRC Operations

  • Apply controls appropriately based on sensitive data context
  • Incident prioritization includes sensitive data context

Improved Risk Management & Assessment

  • Notification when sensitive data falls outside of policy
  • Faster breach response leverages data inventory for scope and threat hunting
  • Reduce security risk associated with unknown sensitive data

Low Touch Application Operation, Maintenance & Support

  • Minimal ongoing support once installed
  • Re-deploy Staff Resources to more productive tasks
  • Significantly reduce operational costs

Assess, Don’t Guess.

Gain the advantages of Fully Automated Data Discovery to Build a Complete and Continuous Picture of Your Data, No Manual Effort Required:


  • Ongoing Discovery- all the time, on time, every time
  • Low operational and maintenance cost & resource requirements


  • Uniquely business and context-aware
  • Automatic and ongoing data validation – all discovered data is compared with a root source of truth
  • Massive reduction of false positives

Holistic Approach

  • Structured, Unstructured
  • At Rest, in Motion
  • Known, Unknown and ‘Unknown Unknowns’