1touch.io and IBM Announce Reseller Agreement

IBM Security to Resell Inventa™ AI-based Sustainable Data Discovery and Management Platform

Are Chaotic Data Practices Putting You at Risk?

Total Control with One Touch

Data is a hot commodity and today, organizations have more of it than ever. 1touch.io’s Inventa enforces better privacy, security, and governance measures by discovering sensitive data and lineage you didn’t know existed and creates a Master Data Catalog inventory.

Why Is Total Data Discovery Critical?


You can’t protect what you don’t know

Business Intelligence

Only fully informed decision makers can make an accurate decision


Partial discovery leads to partial governance


If you can’t provide accurate reports, you can’t be compliant

Assess, Don’t Guess.

Fully Automate Data Discovery to Build a Complete and Continuous Picture of Your Data, No Manual Effort Required


Locate PII data at rest/motion (in transit), structured/ unstructured, and known/unknown


Rationalize PII data saved in different formats and files and create a smart catalog of all the PII data


Get full visibility into the data life cycle, including data origin and where it moves over time, and identify how many copies of that data exist