Network Analytics in the Hunt for Personal Data Usage
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Business Value

Be sure that you have the most up-to-date and relevant information to avoid fines and bad publicity, enabling you to focus on growth instead of regulation.

Financial Value

Pay according to the risk that the hoarding of your personal data poses. Our prices give you a solid risk vs. reward ratio.

Technical Value

We do all of the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus your technical expertise on mission-critical projects. Our automated system gives you all you need from a technical perspective.

Operational Value

We offer ease of implementation and management. Simply send a copy of network traffic to the system, and define an Initial Asset (to make sense of the personal data usage e.g. HR, VIP Customers, Partner etc.) and you are good to go.

Introducing DLM Pro – By

DLM Pro (Data Lifecycle Management) is the industry’s first network-based, perpetually-updated, privacy control and management solution.

By continuously analyzing traffic and repository stores connected to your network, our network-based solution can detect all elements on the network that are storing, processing, and sharing personal data, both internally and externally.

The whole set-up process takes approximately two hours, and from that point we discover your personal data for you!

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Download our data sheets to discover how can help you avoid regulation fines, and most importantly – to protect your personal data!

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