Discovering the Data Others Can’t.

It's Messy
Out there.

Discovering the Data Others Can’t

In today’s ever-changing world, systems are more interconnected than they have ever been. With the evolution of AI, ML and NLP systems, there has been a convergence of security, privacy and data governance. Most data tracking systems protect areas that are known to contain sensitive data.’s Inventa discovers your sensitive data and lineage you didn’t know existed, and inventorizes it into a Master Data Catalog.

Why Discover Your Users' Unknown Personal Data?

You can’t protect what you don’t know you have​
Business Intelligence
Only fully informed decision makers can make an accurate decision
With partial data comes only partial governance​
If you can’t provide accurate reports, you can’t be compliant​

Don’t Guess.

See where your users’ data resides
at a glance with our intuitive tools

data catalog

Data lineage shows a complete picture
of every data subject

real-time data map

Full, automated,
near-real-time master catalog

data orchestration

Use data in motion to complete picture
of data subject

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Uncategorized Launches Advanced Data Discovery and Classification Platform at RSA Conference, a leading provider of data and privacy management solutions, today launched Inventa, a data privacy platform with unprecedented data lineage techniques for data discovery and classification. Inventa gives companies complete visibility into their unknown usage of customer data by automating the discovery process and providing them with a comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date master catalog. Read more:

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Mark's Remarks

Privacy Laws – Achieving and Maintaining Compliance

I relish the moment when someone says to me “It’s not like the regulations say that I must find every last entity. So why do I need to discover where my data can be found in order to achieve compliance? What I have is enough!” Why? Let’s start by understanding why these regulations came into […]

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"By using network analytics that apply machine learning and natural language processing to automatically discover PII in motion on the enterprise network,’s Inventa can do the heavy lifting for security teams and provide a more complete picture of where it resides and how it is being handled.”

Paula Musich, Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates