1touch.io Introduces Inventa 3.6: A New Benchmark in Proactive Sensitive Data Protection

Published On: September 6, 2023Categories: News

Intelligent Integrations, Streamlined Data Visibility, and Advanced Data Management Enable Faster Risk Remediation


1touch.io, a pioneer in Sensitive Data Intelligence, today announced the availability of Inventa™ 3.6, a release that prioritizes proactive and intelligent sensitive data protection to minimize vulnerabilities. It orchestrates security, governance, compliance, and privacy actions on discovered sensitive data, resulting in streamlined cybersecurity processes and enabling faster, smarter decision-making.

Inventa 3.6 features intelligent integration with key industry platforms, including ServiceNow and Titaniam, enabling businesses to automate and optimize sensitive data workflows. This automation ensures a quick response to potential security threats. The release also expands data visibility and management features.

Addressing the Challenges of Modern Security Teams

Modern security teams are often overwhelmed with fragmented data sources, increasing volumes of sensitive data, and inefficient workflows. Manual errors exacerbate these risks. Inventa 3.6 addresses these challenges with smart integrations, providing end-to-end automation across both on-premises and cloud environments, shifting businesses from a reactive stance to proactive protection.

“In today’s complex cybersecurity landscape, rapid detection and immediate action on sensitive data is critical,” said Zak Rubinstein, CEO and Cofounder of 1touch.io. “Inventa 3.6 is not just another tool—it’s a game-changer in IT and security operations. If your goal is rapid, informed decisions and reduced overhead, Inventa 3.6 delivers.”

Key Features of Inventa 3.6

Intelligent Integrations for Proactive Sensitive Data Protection

Inventa 3.6 initiates workflows automatically upon sensitive data detection, eliminating the need for slow, error-prone manual processes and significantly reducing vulnerability periods.

Key integrations include:

    • ServiceNow Ticketing: This integration streamlines remediation by automating workflows. The automatic triggering of a ServiceNow ticket upon sensitive data discovery bridges the gap between discovery and action. Threshold-based ticketing ensures only significant issues prompt ticket creation, while two-way CMDB (Configuration Management Database) integration aligns with existing IT operations and reduces manual tasks.
    • Titaniam Integration: This integration doesn’t just identify sensitive data; it acts upon it. Unprotected data triggers orchestrated unstructured data encryption via Titaniam, moving from identification to action instantly.
    • Extended Data Source Coverage: Inventa 3.6 enables seamless management of diverse data types across multiple sources, including enhanced support for unstructured data, such as Slack and Dropbox, as well as enterprise-grade data stores like Microsoft CosmoDB, CockroachDB, and Hive. It also features an improved user interface for easy data classification results.

Greater Data Visibility

Enhanced data attributes and sensitivity labels provide a deeper understanding of the data landscape, enabling data security and governance teams to quickly identify data owners, set efficient retention policies, and modify data classifications. This enables faster decision-making and efficient risk management. A new Time Value of Data feature allows teams to assign retention and expiration dates to data, improving overall risk management and governance.

Advanced Data Management

Enhanced Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Network Map Export provide precision and insights into data interactions. These features optimize data flows, offer comprehensive insights into data relationships within repositories, and facilitate strategic data deprecation to minimize risk and cost.

Flexibility and Customization

Inventa 3.6 adapts to varied data landscapes, allowing businesses to customize their data management strategies. New customizable options for logically grouping diverse data sources and visualizing intricate data relationships shorten mean time to resolution, boosting operational efficiency.

About 1touch.io

1touch.io is at the forefront of Sensitive Data Intelligence, offering real-time discovery, classification, and protection of critical data. Our Inventa software platform streamlines data management across diverse IT environments, enabling businesses to comply with regulatory standards while proactively mitigating data risks. Leveraging innovative technology and deep expertise in data privacy and security, we empower enterprises to safeguard their valuable data assets.