1touch.io Launches Mainframe Security Posture Management Solution to Modernize Mainframe Data Management

Published On: June 26, 2024Categories: News

1touch.io, a pioneer in Contextual AI data discovery and classification, today announced the launch of its Mainframe Security Posture Management (MSPM) product. This groundbreaking solution leverages Contextual AI to deliver unmatched visibility and accuracy in data discovery and classification across mainframe environments, transforming how enterprises manage and protect their most critical data assets. MSPM supports various mainframe data sources, including Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) files and Db2 on IBM Z, and will soon extend to IBM Information Management System (IMS) and flat files.

Mainframes Are Still Essential

Mainframes handle 68% of the world’s production IT workloads and are used by 71% of Fortune 500 companies, particularly in banking, insurance, healthcare, and government sectors. These industries rely on mainframes for their reliability, security, and massive processing capabilities. However, they face significant challenges in data security, compliance, and governance when integrating into hybrid cloud environments.

Securing and Extending the Enterprise Core with MSPM

1touch.io MSPM addresses these challenges by integrating with all mainframe data sources to continuously monitor and analyze sensitive data. It seamlessly integrates this data with all other enterprise data—structured, unstructured, in motion, at rest, in the cloud, on-premises—creating a single, accurate contextual record for the entire enterprise. As organizations modernize mainframes as part of their hybrid cloud transformations, MSPM ensures that mission-critical information managed by mainframes is integrated into enterprise generative AI and other data-intensive use cases.

Ashish Gupta, President and CEO of 1touch.io, said: “Our Mainframe Security Posture Management (MSPM) solution brings critical innovation to seamlessly integrate core mainframe systems with modern hybrid cloud environments. 1touch.io MSPM not only provides high accuracy, continuous monitoring, and deep contextual insights, but also ensures that mission-critical information managed by mainframes is fully leveraged in enterprise AI and generative AI initiatives. By unlocking and integrating mainframe data across all enterprise environments, MSPM enhances data visibility, security, and compliance. This allows organizations to achieve business agility and operational efficiency gains, enabling data-driven decision-making and digital innovation without disrupting existing systems.”

Tackling Mainframe Challenges with Contextual AI

By providing accurate, context-rich insights into mainframe data assets, 1touch.io MSPM significantly enhances security, compliance, and operational efficiency. The solution brings contextual intelligence and seamless integration to legacy mainframes, enabling enhanced data visibility, business agility, and rapid time to value, setting a new standard in mainframe data management.

“Unlocking the data within mainframes allows risk executives to gain unprecedented control and governance over this core data processing unit, where most critical organizational data is generated,” said Itzhak Assaraf, CTO at 1touch.io. “By providing a single pane of glass, unified policies, and a consistent contextual classification language across the data landscape, 1touch.io MSPM enhances security, improves governance, and significantly reduces the time to value.”

Key Benefits of 1touch.io MSPM

  • Comprehensive Visibility Across Hybrid Environments: Offers total data visibility across hybrid, multi-cloud, and mainframe environments, ensuring that mainframe data is fully leveraged in AI and generative AI applications.
  • Rapid Time to Value: Scans mainframe datasets with or without copybooks, building an accurate sensitive data inventory across Key Sequenced Data Sets (KSDS), Relative Record Data Sets (RRDS), Entry Sequenced Data Sets (ESDS), and Linear Data Sets (LDS) for rapid implementation.
  • Access Intelligence: Analyzes Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) dataset permissions to determine which entities can access sensitive mainframe data.
  • Contextual Visibility: Provides business groupings and protection status of mainframe data for quick prioritization based on sensitivity, criticality, and business context.
  • Automated Governance: Automates the updating of data catalogs with accurate, real-time mainframe data, streamlining compliance reporting and governance.
  • Rugged Deployments: Proven to support air-gapped installations in the most high-security environments, ensuring reliable and secure operations.

About 1touch.io

1touch.io, a pioneer in Contextual AI data intelligence, is transforming data discovery and classification for large enterprises. Our AI-driven platform, Inventa™, safeguards the data of over 500 million individuals worldwide, offering contextual intelligence for robust data protection and enhanced security posture across diverse enterprise environments, including mainframes. Through our strategic OEM partnership with IBM, Inventa is licensed and globally rebranded as IBM Security Discover and Classify, demonstrating its robustness in handling complex data challenges at a global scale.