Cybertech Tel Aviv 2019: The Pregame Show

We asked our staff who will be at Cybertech what they are most looking forward to at Cybertech Tel Aviv 2019:

Zak Rubinstein, CEO: “I think the most exciting thing when I go to these conferences is meeting customers and investors. With how busy this industry is, it’s nice to take some time and really converse with people within it. We are constantly looking at things the industry needs, and this is a great way to dive deep.”

Mark Wellins, CCO: “What I am most looking forward to is getting out of the office and taking a real-life look at the industry. It brings us back to our roots, enabling us to hear real-life problems, and forces us to constantly improve our product. Hearing about a customer’s experience is a really useful way to grasp what this industry is truly lacking.”

Daniel Zacks, Social Media Manager: “I can’t wait to learn more about the tremendous technology in the GDPR/ Data Privacy industry. I am also looking forward to networking with other Social Media Managers, learning ways to improve myself.”

See you at the JVP Pavilion!


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