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Machine Learning Methodologies
Halyna Oliinyk

Part 1: Introduction and Resources of the Data Breach

Terms like ‘sensitive data’ and ‘personal data’ have been floating in the air ever since GDPR, CCPA, and similar privacy acts were introduced to companies across the globe. One challenge they present is that the complexity of the federal laws and complicated terminology used to identify the corresponding subjects make it difficult for those in […]

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data privacy security
Mark Wellins

GDPR Weekly Podcast –

Take a listen to being featured on two straight GDPR Weekly Podcasts. Chief Customer Officer Mark Wellins was interviewed, and provided insight on how he sees the data privacy world evolving. The first one can be found here. Mark starts speaking in the 28th minute.For the second one, click here. Mark starts speaking in the […]

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CISO data privacy protected gdpr ccpa analysis
Itzhak Assaraf

Dear CISO: Who is Responsible for the Privacy of Data Subjects?

In Theory: The legal team/DPO should lead the privacy policy as well as manage direct interaction with data subjects, such as DSAR management. Security should lead the implementation of the privacy policy, including how to create, monitor, and protect the organization’s personal data inventory. In Practice: CISOs have the knowledge, tools and business processes in […]

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Daniel Zacks

A Controlled and Happy Family

This August, my wife and I are expecting our first child. We are very excited and thankful that it is really happening. Doing the research that we’ve done has made me really think about the parent-child relationship especially from the control aspect. The parent-child relationship changes forms throughout stages of life. As a fetus, the […]

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Mark's Remarks
Mark Wellins

The U.S. and Europe are Approaching GDPR and Data Privacy Very Differently

Mark Wellins, Chief Customer Officer of, wrote in CPO Magazine this month about the different ways the U.S. and Europe are approaching GDPR. “Well, GDPR is not scaring anyone. In fact, it’s a lawyer’s dream come true. It’s becoming quite clear Europe and the U.S. are attacking GDPR compliance problems from different angles. In […]

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Back to Zak
Zak Rubinstein

Are Enterprise and Consumer Interests Aligned?

While this may be counter-intuitive, the short answer is yes. While I can’t point to any specific studies, it does appear that organizations generally view regulations as a burden that requires resources, without much ROI (Return on Investment). Sure, there is an ROI in not getting fined, but since when do we define ROI on […]

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