Rolling Out the Red Carpet

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Your customer has been won over by your superior technology and has placed an order. It is an exciting time with high levels of interaction and everyone involved is in a positive frame of mind, anticipating, perhaps impatiently, the deployment of the solution. The implementation team has been involved – to varying degrees – throughout […]

Making Your Customer the Hero

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Why do some deployment plans not work out as well as hoped?  One or more of the following ‘ingredients’ was likely missing: Speaking the same language does not equate to a common understanding, especially when that language is not the mother tongue for one or more of the parties involved. Try to avoid using slang […]

Google Maps and PII Repositories

I’m a bit like an elephant. My long-term memory is excellent, my short-term, not so much. Which is good, because I remember fondly hiking as a kid on hikes that became lovingly known as Fiasco Tours. I don’t want to mislead you. It’s not like the tours themselves were a fiasco. Despite the name, they […]

It’s Your Right. Do it Right.


You know the feeling, the one that is a nagging doubt, that itch that won’t quieten down? You know, when you’ve just pulled an all nighter to finish the project by the deadline, but that itch is still there, because something is missing. I’ve experienced that way too much recently, and according to my therapist, […]

Seeing is Believing

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They say you make your own luck, and I’ve certainly been blessed with an abundance of it. First Check Point, then Tufin, both great technologies, and now, makes it 3 for 3. All three technologies have an ease of use that belies the complex intelligence that lies beneath the veneer. And it’s not just […]