Demystifying Proposition 24 (CPRA/CCPA 2.0)

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A casual conversation with Zak Rubinstein (Founder & CEO of®) and Odia Kagan (Partner and Chair of GDPR Compliance & International Privacy at Fox Rothschild LLP) turned into a mentoring session In the attempt to strengthen consumer privacy protection, Californian voters approved the ballot measure for California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) on November 3, […]

Keeping Up with Ever-Changing Privacy Regulations

Trying to keep up with ever-changing privacy regulations may feel like running on a treadmill; sure, you’re moving — but you aren’t getting anywhere.’s CTO & Founder, Itzhak Assaraf, discusses a solid strategy for dealing with this constant change. Data and Privacy Regulations: The Ultimate Moving Targets Keeping on top of something that never […]

What does Chocolate Have to do With Maintaining Privacy Regulations…

Ever since the murmurings regarding GDPR began in 2016, achieving privacy compliance has become a common discussion (well, at least among CISOs and CIOs). While lots and lots of ink has been spilled on the “how to get there” aspect of achieving compliance, little to no practical value has been offered regarding maintaining compliance once […]

Great Expectations: Identifying Non-Secured Personal Data for CCPA

“In a word, I was too cowardly to do what I knew to be right, as I had been too cowardly to avoid doing what I knew to be wrong.” Charles Dickens When privacy practitioners championed the use of the first generation and now outdated ‘Mapping Sold as Discovery’ technologies, they were assured that this […]

CCPA is Here; How Does its Definition of Personal Information Compare to GDPR?

Everything’s bigger in Califor….oh wait, that saying is about Texas. But it could just as well be about The Golden State, considering it’s the third-largest state in the union geographically. It has the largest population in the US and boasts the world’s fourth-largest economy.  It turns out that these last two tidbits are super significant. […]

YAPR – Yet Another Privacy Regulation – An LGPD Primer

Data is what makes the world go ‘round today. This is evident from the lengths to which companies are willing to go, to capture, analyze, and share your data. But as companies snap up any personally identifying information (PII) they can, public awareness regarding the consequences has grown. And in fact, according to Pew Research, […]

It’s Time to Organize—How to Inventorize Your Mess of Data


When was the last time you tried to inventorize your closet?  Inventorizing (or organizing, in plainspeak) your closet can be a frightening proposition; lots of clothes, all in the wrong places, some in boxes with labels, some in boxes without labels, some labeled incorrectly altogether.  Oh, and don’t forget about the clothes that made their […]