Leverage Supervised AI to Achieve Sustainable Data Discovery with 1touch.io’s Inventa™

AI-based sustainable data discovery and management solution for Privacy, Security, and Data Governance enabling business users to hone AI Models for automated discovery & data lineage, dramatically improving sensitive data protection, and privacy regulatory compliance.

Supervised AI™, built on the awarding-winning platform Inventa, is a wizard-based machine learning solution empowering business users to modify AI-models, enabling the platform to automatically identify the relevant personal and sensitive information within massive amounts of data in the identified data sources.  Once the model is trained, it continually scans the environment and updates when a new data source or sensitive information is identified.

The solution automatically detects and classifies massive volumes of sensitive data from different repositories and services cross the enterprise,  automatically discovering relevant records without any manual effort.


The system can now be modified by non-database scientists without a need for professional services reducing effort across multiple departments.


If and when discovery is required for new data types or regulatory demands, the system requires minimal or no user input to learn and apply the new parameters to the discovery process conducting sustainable discovery with greater accuracy.

With Inventa’s Supervised AI solution, the platform easily creates and maintains a Customer Master Catalog for Privacy, Security, and Data Governance use-cases. Additionally, with the help of Business Intelligence (BI) tools, enterprises can now discover customer uses of their services and offer new value-added services. Besides, users can now easily define new data lineage between different elements and maintain an up-to-date inventory for the enterprise as Inventa’s Master Catalog.
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