SRR & DSAR Management

Data privacy has become one of today’s most critical issues and as a result, many regulations have been established to ensure consumer privacy is upheld and enforced.  Consumers increasingly want to know about and maintain some level of control over the personal information companies collect. Legislators have responded to these concerns and now, more than one hundred countries around the world have some version of privacy laws governed by regulatory bodies. The EU data protection and privacy legislation, GDPR, is perhaps the most well-known data protection legislation. However, others, including CPRA, LGPD, and POPI have entered the compliance landscape.

Almost all companies collecting and using consumer data are required by regulations to respond to Data Subject Access Requests (SRR or DSAR). The major challenge here is discovering the sensitive information for a specific data subject across multiple databases, applications, and other sources. This can be hugely time-consuming, resource-intensive and can still result in errors. According to Gartner, the average cost of managing a DSAR request is $1408. Multiply this by hundreds of requests and it becomes all the more cumbersome and costly. 

How We Help

Inventa automatically discovers, organizes and catalogs all personal sensitive information about data subjects, identifies new repositories holding PII, and maps data elements to all repositories and the inverse. Any PII and sensitive information for each data subject is now searchable and consolidated in a central interface. It enables organizations to respond faster to DSARs/SRRs while reducing costs and maintaining continuous compliance to regulatory requirements.