DSAR and the Right to be Forgotten (Erasure)

Enterprises are concerned about keeping up with ever-increasing demands on data access requests, which can be a huge burden on operational resources. Our solution provides an automated, accurate and scalable workflow to meet unlimited DSARs (Data Subject Access Requests) while using minimal operational overhead.

Third-party Sharing

Businesses rely on third-party sharing of personal data to thrive. When this process is done manually, information quickly becomes irrelevant, thereby increasing risk of non-compliance and data leaks. 1TOUCH.io's DLM Pro gives you an understanding of how all PII is being shared across your network in real-time, all the time. Plus, our alert system notifies you about how PII is being shared with third parties – even at the most granular levels.

Automated data flow mapping
(Data in Motion)

Your organization must obtain constantly-updated maps of data flow – both for compliance and security reasons. Privacy stakeholders understand that this is an essential requirement of GDPR and other data privacy regulations. CISOs want a holistic, proactive view, especially when PII is flowing in directions that run contrary to business requirements. By doing so, an organization maintains the security of its most critical asset, personal data.

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