Security Incident Management

Cybersecurity threats are inevitable and continue to grow in volume and sophistication. These incidents can include unauthorized access to sensitive information, such as personally identifiable records, financial data, health data, and so much more. Advanced data breaches can expose organizations to exorbitant fines and potential litigation.  The primary goal of an effective information security incident management strategy is to evaluate the data that’s been exposed in cases of breach and respond quickly to minimize the impact of the incident on the organization. Identifying, logging, and analyzing security threats or incidents to sensitive data assets in real-time provides a robust and comprehensive view of security issues within the organization.  Legacy DLP solutions fail to provide the zero-trust architecture and thorough visibility needed to rapidly identify and respond to threats.

How We Help

Inventa assumes zero trust in data input and discovers sensitive data (structured, unstructured, semi-structured) across the organization in known and unknown locations. Its unique passive network packet capture approach helps identify sensitive data flowing through the organization and enables organizations to monitor and analyze security incidents rapidly and effectively. With Inventa, organizations can understand data exposure and data lineage for Incident Response, quantify potential data exposure for Incident Prioritization and Response Automation.