Leverage Supervised AI to Achieve Sustainable Data Discovery with 1touch.io’s Inventa™

Data records in organizational networks can be numbered in the millions – or even billions. Sorting through them manually to identify relevant data is just not feasible. Traditional discovery tools require ongoing human decision-making and are prohibitive with regards to resources, requiring dedicated personnel to babysit the discovery process.

Supervised AI™, built on the awarding-winning platform Inventa, is a wizard-based machine learning solution empowering business users to modify AI-models, enabling the platform to automatically identify the relevant personal and sensitive information within massive amounts of data in the identified data sources.  Once the model is trained, it continually scans the environment and updates when a new data source or sensitive information is identified.

In this Datasheet, you will learn:

  • The value of data awareness powered by AI
  • How it works
  • and more…