Safety Detective Interview- CCO Mark Wellins
mark wellins cybersecurity changing information

Chief Customer Officer Mark Wellins had the pleasure of being interviewed by Aviva Zacks of Safety Detective. They discussed many things, including the future of cybersecurity, Mark’s past, and the data interrogation techniques combined with network monitoring techniques that is using.
“We may find partial information about a person in one database—first name, last name, and zip code—but that’s not quite unique enough to identify an individual. In another one of the databases, we’ll find an entry about that person, and will then be able to fill in the missing details: home address, phone number, credit card number, passport ID number. knows the information because we have found all the data relating to this person in possibly 50 to 100 different places. This person may invoke his “right to be forgotten” or his “right to erasure.” The organization must now remove all the information about that person if he’s legally entitled to that service.”

To read the full interview, click here.

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