Manage Risk with Data Governance​

Benefit From the Full Power of Data Governance​

Data Governance includes managing the people, processes and technologies needed to manage and protect the company's data assets. You cannot create a solid data governance program when you do not know which data you hold.

Discover Your Unknown Data

Discover your unknown data and unknown data sources, and identify all the copies of data within the organization. Once you have discovered all the data, the next step is creating the programs that will help you meet your data governance needs.

Risk Management

With proper data governance in place, your risk likelihood goes down. Once you regain control of your data with, your risk likelihood goes down. With our data governance tools, you will have a complete picture of your data, its uses, and its locations.

Report on Third-Party Sharing

By observing where the PII is being sent, we know with whom the data is being shared, enabling you to fulfill the requirement of reporting on with whom you share. also has a copy of the sharing agreement, and helps you report why specific data is being shared.