1TOUCH.io’s DLM Pro is the industry’s first network-based personal data control and management solution built for privacy requirements. Knowing your company’s usage of personal data is critical. By continuously analyzing traffic and repository stores connected to your network, DLM Pro detects all elements on the network storing, processing, and sharing personal data, including known or unknown, structured or unstructured, in motion or at rest. 


Know how your PII is stored, processed, and shared.


Meet GDPR, CCPA and other regulatory compliance requirements.


Protect ALL of your PII, even the data you weren't aware existed.

1TOUCH.IO's DLM Pro covers the top customer requirements for PII management and control…

  • Auto-Discovery of Network Repositories
  • Auto-Discovery of Network Elements that Process PII
  • Identify Specific PII Structured Data
  • Identify Specific PII Unstructured Data
  • Identify Unknown Personal Data Stores
  • Automated Personal Data Flow Mapping
  • Provide Automated Personal Data Lineage (including Application usage of PII)
  • Support DSAR and Erasure
  • Provide Visualization of Data Flow
  • Third-Party PII Data Sharing

Align your organization using 1touch.io's DLM Pro Dashboard