LGPD Compliance

LGPD is coming: Is Your Organization Prepared?

You may have heard about LGPD, or the Lei Geral de Protecao De Dados, also known as Brazil’s GDPR. LGPD extends all-encompassing data privacy measures to Brazils’ 200 million residents. If your organization does business with any of these people, you need to comply with these new regulations.

Under LGPD, Brazilian citizens can request to determine what data you hold on them and how their data is being handled. And you must be able to fulfill this request (called a Data Subject Access Request, or DSAR, for short) in a specific time frame—or face fines of up to 2% annual revenue. Most organizations rely on manual processes that are time-consuming and error-prone.

With 1touch’s Inventa platform, you can take the stress out of compliance and fulfill DSARs in minimal time.


Inventa finds all data—known and unknown, at rest and in motion, structured and unstructured—so you can rest assured you're complying with the LGPD in the most optimal way.

Report on Third Party Sharing

Inventa observes where PII is sent to, those enigmatic third parties. We remove the mystery, with crystal clear reporting on with whom data is shared and why it’s being shared.

Automate DSAR

With our simple OpenAPI framework, you can fully automate responses to data subjects. This means less work with greater accuracy, an easy win-win for you, and your data subjects.

Get Confident in Your Compliance

With 1touch.io, meeting LGPD requirements (and all other regulatory requirements) is simple and scalable. Comply faster, easier, and more accurately than ever before, knowing you can effortlessly fulfill all requirements.
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