IT & Security Risk Management

Today, organizations hold more data than ever. While greater amounts of data can provide organizations with deeper insights and the ability to make optimal decisions, this same data can become a significant liability. Whether it’s company IP or customer data, organizations across the globe are now responsible for the creation and the subsequent handling of highly sensitive information.

Data breaches and leaks can imperil more than just the data itself. The criticality of an incident is directly related to the scope of data exposure, and given the volume of issues that arise, security teams must prioritize what they focus on. Understanding the scope of sensitive data related to a security incident associated with a system, application, or repository is key. It is important for organizations to identify and protect their “crown jewels” (data, assets, etc.), and maintain integrity and accuracy of data for today’s compliance regulations.

How We Help

Inventa enables organizations with accurate and complete discovery of sensitive data and areas of risk. This includes full discovery and lineage of sensitive data in areas previously unknown and unprotected. It provides metadata enrichment for Business, Regulation, Policy and Risk context around data assets. Additionally, data tags can be used in risk calculations to ensure the controls are the most efficient and effective – data-driven, quantitative, and current.