IT Audit Management

The demand for data and technology audits has increased, as businesses continue with digital transformation. The amount of data held by organizations is growing exponentially,  and over 60% of it is defined as unstructured data. However, the inherent risks of IT audits are qualitative and subjective with routine surveys in dynamic IT environments. Organizations need audit capabilities to understand what sensitive data they hold at all times as IT audits focus on evaluating risks associated with data collection and processing.  This includes where it is located (all copies of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured sensitive data), whether it is protected with sufficient controls or is exposed, and who has access to it.

How We Help

Inventa automatically discovers, organizes, and catalogs all personal sensitive information about data subjects from known and unknown locations, accurately identifies the data assets holding sensitive data, and maps data elements to all repositories and the inverse. Its unique passive network packet capture approach helps identify sensitive data flowing through the organization. The platform aggregates data subjects and extends full mapping, cataloging and data lineage across the organization. Inventa assumes zero trust in data input and determines where to scan in a given environment.