Master Data Catalog and PII Inventory​

Achieve and Maintain Your Inventories​

Having a Master Data Catalog and a PII Inventory is the end result of our entire Discovery process. This is the “golden ticket” for these four critical areas: data governance, compliance with privacy regulations, business intelligence, and security.

With a continuously updated Master Catalog, you have full visibility of your personal data at all times.

Sustainable Data Discovery

Locate all forms of PII within your network, even if you weren’t aware it existed. Correlate between personal data and related data to allow for an accurate picture of your customers’ data and behavior.

Association to PII

At our core, we discover, identify, and classify personal data. Personal data on its own does not provide the complete picture of your customers – you need to add related data into the mix. We associate related data (for example: browsing history, transactions) with each unique data subject, allowing the business to make informed decisions.

Structured and Unstructured

Our sensors discover and analyze data in every form-including structured and unstructured. We crawl through your PDFs, Word Documents, and even images, to analyze and classify your personal data.


With precise lineage and association to PII within the repositories, we inventorize the information. Search for any unique identifier on Inventa and you will find all related information to the individual, its location within the network, and its usage. (ID number, name, phone number, address, sexual orientation, etc.)