GDPR Compliance


In a nutshell, your organization must be able to respond timely to any DSAR (data subject access request). How you respond is determined by your preparation for GDPR.

A European citizen has the right to request what you know and whom you share it with (that pertains to them). You must be able to supply the complete picture of the data subject, whom their information is shared with and why.

Discovery of All Sources of Data

By discovering all sources of data – both known and unknown – is uniquely positioned to find every entity and their locations, enabling you to fulfill the requirement to share everything that is known about the individual.

Report on Third-Party Sharing – How and Why

By observing where the PII is being sent, we know with whom the data is being shared, enabling you to fulfill the requirement of reporting on with whom you share. also has a copy of the sharing agreement, and helps you report why specific data is being shared.

Automate Consumer Data Subject Requests

Our OpenAPI framework enables you to fully automate responses to consumers; our ticketing system enables you to operationalize the data that has been discovered immediately.


With this data-subject centric approach you can be confident that you have the right information to meet your GDPR requirements, from DSAR to Data Portability right up until the Right to be Forgotten.