File Analysis and Data Classification

Analyze and Classify your PII

A full discovery of sensitive data combined with file analysis and data classification builds a complete, holistic picture of your repositories and content within.

GDPR and CCPA ensure enterprises not only classify and know what data they are processing but also to associate the data with the unique PII they store. analyzes and delivers this information using a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and NLP systems. Understanding the categories of information is a crucial layer in your data mapping process. Other than data governance, security and data teams also benefit from this automated process, as they receive a near-real-time view of the sensitive data within the network.

Unlike other solutions, which essentially ask the enterprise to build the map for them using surveys and manual labor,’s Inventa creates the map for you. This method means that we help you find all of your customers’ data, whether you kept a record that it existed somewhere or not.

By creating this precise data lineage, builds your data map to benefit all areas of the company that uses data-Security, Compliance, Governance, and Data teams.

Discovery of All Sources of Data

By discovering all sources of data – both known and unknown – is uniquely positioned to find every entity and their locations, enabling you to fulfill the requirement to share everything that is known about the individual.

Scalable Deployment

Our ability to grow with your business enables you to expand to meet even the largest and most complex of demands.


By using our Machine Learning and AI techniques, combined with precise data lineage discovery, ensures that you have an accurate picture of your data.

Association to PII

By opening the repository packets, we can look within the repositories themselves and pull out the unique identifiers-PII.

Structured and Unstructured Data

Our sensors discover and analyze data in every form-including structured and unstructured. We crawl through your PDFs, Word Documents, and even images, in order to analyze and classify your personal data.