Data Subject Rights Request Management​

Deal with Unlimited Data Subject Requests ​

If you don’t have a well-built process to deal with Subject Access Rights (SRR, DSARs), it can turn into a nightmare. Save your business from risk, unnecessary costs and resources wasted with our DSAR Ticketing System.

DSAR Ticketing System allows for an easy, automated response to DSARs. Connect an API from your organization to our system, and DSAR Ticketing System will give the customer all they need within minutes. This saves an enormous headache for your company and eliminates risk to your company.

API Form

With CCPA out, many companies are beginning to add a DSAR form to the bottom of their website. Instead of it getting lost in the shuffle of emails, we automatically connect it through API to our ticketing system, which provides a holistic view of all DSARs.

Automatically Respond within Minutes

With just a couple of clicks, your customers’ DSAR will be automatically processed. The ticketing system links to the Master PII Catalog and provides the user with the personal data your company is using of the individual.


Upon receiving all of the information that your company holds about the individual, they can request to dispute/delete/change any of the data. This process will show up on the Ticketing System.


Using our precise data lineage techniques, you can be assured of accurate information being sent. The merging of unique PII is necessary to avoid mistakes you do not want to make.