Data Mapping and Lineage​

Automatically discover the relationship
between the database tables and data

Data can be created, copied, received and transmitted in partial or full records. Data mapping, in essence, is building a map of your data stored, processed, and shared within your network. Using this, you can monitor who is sharing what with whom, and govern your data efficiently. The lineage shows the routes between repositories within the map.

Other than data governance, security and data teams also benefit from this automated process, as they receive a near-real-time view of the sensitive data within the network. Unlike other solutions, which essentially ask the enterprise to build the map for them using surveys and manual labor,’s Inventa creates the map for you. This method means that we help you find all of your customers’ data, whether you kept a record that it existed somewhere or not.

By creating this precise data lineage, builds your data map to benefit all areas of the company that use data- Security, Compliance, Governance, and Data teams.

Discovery of Known and Unknown Data

New data repositories are continually being created within the enterprise. Whether structured or unstructured, in motion or at rest,’s Inventa finds it for you to ensure you can comply with regulations.


Companies have so much to do to start trying to figure out where their data is manually. Our solution ensures you spend minimal time and resources on this critical project.

Data in Motion

View in near real-time how the data is moving throughout your network.


Once our network sensor for data in motion runs through your network, you will get a full, accurate picture of your data lineage.


Use this birds-eye view to understand the business processes of personal data within your network.


Now that we have discovered how the sensitive data is moving from one entity to another, you can see your Master Data Catalog, which includes all of the data within your enterprise.