Data in Motion​

Data in Motion needs to be protected too​

What better way to understand the flow of data within the organization than looking at the network traffic? Data in motion means that we understand the flows and uses of data as seen at the source.

By using data in motion, and analyzing the flow of data, we discover the different repositories around the network.

Discovery of All Sources of Data

By discovering all sources of data – both known and unknown – is uniquely positioned to find every entity and their locations, enabling you to fulfill the requirement to share everything that is known about the individual.

Complete the Picture

PII can be found directly from the network traffic, which aids the creation of the complete picture of every data subject.

Continuously Updated Inventory

Continuous Discovery means that not only is your personal data catalog up to date, but so is the inventory of the repositories that store data. It is essential to have an accurate picture of where your data is before you can use it confidently.

Manage Your Third-Party Sharing

Should there be an attempt to share additional data out of the scope of the agreement, will alert you in near real-time enabling you to remediate before it is too late.