Sustainable Data Discovery

Locate all Personal Data Within Your Enterprise

GDPR and CCPA didn’t create the problem of data privacy. On the contrary, it is a problem that has been around for many years, with privacy regulations enforcing the importance of protecting data upon companies. uses a combination of AI, ML, NLP, and Network Analytics to discover and analyze the sensitive and personal data within your enterprise. Using this, along with unprecedented data in motion techniques to analyze the lineage between repositories allows us to discover your customers’ personal data- even the data you weren’t aware existed.

Discovery of All Sources of Data

By discovering all sources of data – both known and unknown – is uniquely positioned to find every entity and their locations, enabling you to fulfill the requirement to share everything that is known about the individual.

Sensors for Every Type of Data

▪ Network sensor for data in motion
▪ Structured data sensor for SQL & NoSQL
▪ Unstructured data sensor-filesystem and document repositories
▪ API sensor for Saas and Cloud

Near Real-time Discovery

From within minutes to a few days, gives you a quick answer.

PII Deduplication

When our solution finds multiple locations of a unique individual’s PII, it merges the information to create one unique data asset.

Integration with Leading Security Solutions

Our API first approach gives us the ability to integrate with security solutions such as RSA Archer, OneTrust, etc.