CCPA Compliance

Meet CCPA Requirements With Ease approaches the problem from the aspect of the data subject, which allows you to easily respond to any SRR (Subject Rights Request) that may be brought to your attention, and therefore avoid individual lawsuits. maintains a picture of each individual that is known to the organization. Our fully automated approach – through both data in motion and data at rest techniques – simplifies the effort to respond to any SRR.

Inventorize and Maintain Processing Activities

Build a picture of the individual and the processing that is applied to that individual’s data, so you are always ready to respond to any request.

Discovery & Classification

By using our Machine Learning and AI techniques, combined with precise data lineage discovery, ensures that you have an accurate picture of your sensitive data. Locate all forms of PII within your network, even if you weren’t aware it existed. Correlate between personal data and related data to allow for an accurate picture of your customers’ data and behavior.

Automate Consumer Data Subject Requests

Our OpenAPI framework enables you to fully automate responses to consumers; our ticketing system enables you to operationalize the data that has been discovered immediately.

Avoid Lawsuits

One of CCPA’s biggest differentiators between itself and GDPR is the customers’ ability to ask for an SRR and sue the company for not providing it on time or abusing their data.’s Inventa solves that with our automated DSAR system built upon the full discovery and inventorizing of the data.