What Have We Learned About GDPR Over The Last Two Years?


In a nutshell – that it misses the point. It’s a bit harsh, but let’s consider the impact. As a consumer, I am more frustrated than ever by the continuous need to accept conditions to view a website or to give my consent to cookie usage or whatever other ingenious device confronts me to make […]

The U.S. and Europe are Approaching GDPR and Data Privacy Very Differently

u.s gdpr privacy regulations

Mark Wellins, Chief Customer Officer of 1touch.io, wrote in CPO Magazine this month about the different ways the U.S. and Europe are approaching GDPR. “Well, GDPR is not scaring anyone. In fact, it’s a lawyer’s dream come true. It’s becoming quite clear Europe and the U.S. are attacking GDPR compliance problems from different angles. In […]