PI and Working From Home — Don’t Betray Your Customers’ Trust


Working From Home and Data Privacy  Lots and lots of ink has been spilled regarding the benefits of working at home; it’s better for employees’ overall wellbeing, it helps reduce traffic and air pollution, and more. We have also all heard about the security challenges posed by working at home; the vulnerable nature of VPNs, […]

Infosecurity Magazine: COVID-19, Geo Tracking, and Privacy – Where to Draw the Line?

How much is privacy worth to you? The typical answer, in typical times, is probably “a whole lot.” You have spent a great deal of time and effort ensuring that your organization rigorously adheres to the relevant privacy regulations. Moreover, you’ve done everything in your power to establish a thriving data privacy program, but you’ve […]

CRN: Named 1touch.io The Hottest Identity And Data Protection Tools Unveiled At RSA 2020

1touch.io Inventa 1touch.io Inventa gives companies complete visibility into their unknown usage of customer data by automating the discovery process and providing them with a comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date master catalog. The offering leverages network analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing to continuously and accurately catalog a company’s customer data in near real-time. This […]

PRweb: 1touch.io Wins Silver in CEO World Awards, Bronze in IT World Awards!


1touch.io, the leading provider of data and privacy management control solutions, announced today that it won Silver in the 2019 CEO World Awards® in the category of Start Up of the Year for Technology Software, and Bronze in the 14th Annual 2019 IT World Awards® in the category of Start Up of the Year for Security Services. The CEO […]

PRweb: 1touch.io Launches Portuguese Version of Solution to Help Enterprises Comply with LGPD


1touch.io, the leading provider of data and privacy management control solutions, announced today the general availability of a Portuguese version of its solution designed to help companies around the world doing business in Brazil comply with the country’s data protection regulation, Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD). Enacted in 2018, LGPD – like GPDR […]

Compliance Week: California Data Privacy Law Creates Complications Beyond GDPR Compliance

Compliance Week

To hear some analysts and compliance experts describe it, California’s new Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 is “essentially GDPR-lite,” a scaled back version of the Europeans tough, new data privacy protections. In many respects, the General Data Protection Regulation is, on the surface, a more complicated bit of legislation, and one with more moving parts […]

Digital Guardian: Overcoming Common Pitfalls to Data Discovery and Classification

1touch.io and digital guardian

18 DATA SCIENTISTS & SECURITY PROS REVEAL THE MOST COMMON PITFALLS TO DATA DISCOVERY AND CLASSIFICATION A data classification process makes it easier to locate and retrieve data, and it’s an important process for any data security program, as well as for risk management and compliance. By leveraging tools that can automatically locate and identify your sensitive data, companies can […]

CMSWire: GDPR is Tough and Set to Get Even Tougher


Many enterprises don’t believe they have a GDPR problem. Most enterprises think they have it under control. However, figures in the recent DLA Piper data breach survey show that many companies were unprepared for it. In fact, the research released this month showed there have been 59,000 data breach notifications reported across the European Economic Area (the […]